Effects of Color

I regularly use a smooth abstract process to look within and understand the subtle feelings that affect the way I interact with the world. I find that color has a strong effect on my responses to these emotions and color serves to improve my relationship with myself through its unique effects on the psyche. 

Listen to the four-minute video or read below to learn more about how color affects us.


Color has a beautifully deep effect on our minds.

There is a theory of color vision that suggests the green I see is different from green you see, as is every color around us. We all see colors differently. But we also all are experiencing color differently. We feel it differently.

Light is a particle and wave with intriguing properties. Two properties are frequency and wavelength, and it is these properties of light that give our world color. The intensity of the colors, their unique frequencies and wavelengths, interact with the vibrational frequency of our minds and bodies and affect them in subtle but profound ways.

Color can change us. It can move us to feel, to think, and to live in uniquely powerful ways. The colors I find soothing shift from moment to moment based on the energetic and emotional state of my mind. The vibrational frequency I am in at any given moment yearns for a relieving or invigorating color to bring me out of one state and into another.

That is why I love to play with color and paint. That is why I create these vibrating color shifting paintings. They not only give me a physical act to enjoy and get lost in, but the interactions between the colors and myself serve to heighten or lighten my mental fortitude allowing me to experience the world and protect myself in subtle ways. Ways that I can hardly explain.

Like I said, we all experience color differently. Your interactions with my artwork and artwork in general are unique. You cannot begin to explain why something as simple as a color gradient influences your feelings. So, there is not any possible way I can understand the feelings it gives you. But what is beautiful about these differences is that we all feel something together. Even though our thoughts and feelings are personal our shared experience with the piece of art and color gives rise to an unseen bond connected through the wavelengths of light that are scattered around a space.

Your experience with this work is entirely your own as is mine. Our collective experience however has a unique frequency that brings us together. Color is more than just the visual moments that our eyes pick up and our brains interpret. It is more than just a tool of beauty. It is a feeling that gets etched into the world to be found again and again. That gives art the chance to live through multiple lives through each of our experiences, standing against the test of time. The colors I paint become a constant moment; a feeling to be sought out through an ever-shifting state of mind.

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