Adis Halilovic

Adis Halilovic was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina and moved to the United States of America in 1998. Growing up in Georgia, USA as a first-generation immigrant, Adis experienced a feeling of being different from the other kids which sparked a sense of alienation that followed him throughout life. This alienation inspired him to study science and art as a means to bridge the two gaps in his mind. This became the very thing that allowed him to combat that feeling of alienation.  
 His work, while somber in theme, is vibrant in color and emotional in nature. He enjoys playing with different materials and creates experiences that excite the audience and push the boundaries of traditional paintings to new levels. 
Much of Adis' work is bright in color and focuses on dark feelings of fear, anxiety and depression that he faced for much of his life. By using art as a means to settle with these feelings, he begins to laugh and find comfort in them. While fear is something that can hold us back, it is also something that can propel us forward and teach us new ways to interact with the world and with ourselves. 

Nearly all of his artwork involves a great deal of thought, planning and writing. By translating the convoluted thoughts that cycle his brain daily into words and colors, he is then able to analyze and process them through meaningful action. His hope is that you can find a way to relate to other people's experiences. This all to be able to create a world that is less fearful and alone.