Art of Living

  • Effects of Color

    "Breathe - The effects of Color" 20" x 30" Oil on Canvas painting represents the desire to find a mindful moment in an increasingly hectic world through the use of color. I regularly use a smooth abstract process to look within and understand the subtle feelings that affect the way I interact with the world. I find that color has a strong effect on my responses to these emotions and color serves to improve my relationship with myself through its unique effects on the psyche. 
  • Finding Inspiration in the Natural World

    "The Journey" Oil on Canvas from my collection 30 Days: Exploring the Shifting Landscape of the Mind. 

    When I am in nature, I can feel joy, sadness, fear, and so many other emotions at the same time. It is a truly powerful experience that I believe everyone should allow themselves to have. It is these emotions that can influence the subjects and ideas that flow through us.