Make a Wish to the New Hoard

Make a Wish to the New Hoard

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"Make a Wish to the New Hoard" beckons you into a realm where imagination intertwines with the modern age, a 20" x 18" oil on panel painting ensconced in a golden frame. The canvas, primed with a sparkling gold base, sets the stage for a journey through realms inspired by anime and technology.

In the forefront of this scene, a gradient of greens and blues sweeps across the canvas, reminiscent of animated landscapes. Executed in a loose yet technically adept style, the colors evoke the vibrant palettes often seen in anime, capturing the essence of a stylized world.

Amidst this animated backdrop, a dragon of ancient legend emerges, its form meticulously detailed in shades of orange, red, and gold. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Shenron of Dragonball Z fame, this dragon holds seven dragon balls aloft, each emblazoned not with stars, but with the unmistakable Bitcoin logo. They glow with a radiant light, symbols of wealth in a digital age.

Yet, beneath the surface lies a cryptic message encoded in binary hexcode: "SHEEP, Come all ye lost and distraught, for you are small and we are grand dragons." It serves as a reminder of the power dynamics inherent in the pursuit of wealth, echoing themes of temptation and exploitation.

In this narrative, the dragons represent not only mythical creatures but also the hoarders of wealth—those who wield power over the masses. They are the orchestrators of desires, tempting the sheep with promises of prosperity and fulfillment, only to ensnare them in a cycle of dependency.

The sheep, in turn, are emblematic of the masses, the everyday individuals who yearn for guidance and support in a world fraught with uncertainty. They are lured by the allure of wealth, drawn to the dragon balls like moths to a flame, unaware of the price they may ultimately pay.

The dragon balls themselves, adorned with the Bitcoin logo, symbolize the modern manifestation of wealth and power. They glow with a digital luminescence, tantalizing the sheep with the promise of riches beyond their wildest dreams. Yet, they also serve as a stark reminder of the dangers of unchecked greed and the potential for exploitation in the digital age.

This painting stands as a tribute to the late Akira Toriyama, whose visionary work in anime, including Dragonball Z, has left an indelible mark on generations of fans. It channels his spirit of creativity and innovation, weaving elements of fantasy and technology into a narrative that challenges viewers to confront their own desires and aspirations.

"Make a Wish to the New Hoard" is a reflection on the complexities of human nature, the allure of power, and the eternal quest for meaning and fulfillment. Step into this painting, and allow yourself to be swept away by its narrative—a narrative that speaks to the heart of what it means to be human in a world where dragons still roam and wishes hold the power to shape our destiny.